We are going to start out on June 20th 2015 with a CMP "B" Course of Fire for M1 Garands and Springfields. Depending on the turn out we will see how many relays we will need. Depending on the reaction to the attempt of CMP Matches we may be able to expand to M1 Carbine, foreign vintage rifle, modern service rifle(AR-15's and M1A's), and maybe unlimited Garands.

Cost will be be $10 for a rifle/match $15 for two. If this takes off then I will get the scoresheets, medals/pins, paperwork, etc... from the CMP and make it an actual sanctioned match with CMP sponsorship, to include ECI's, shoots on the CMP website, and possibly discounted ammo to be used at the matches.

If anyone has ECI's (empty chamber indicators) please bring them. If you have extras please bring them as well to share.

Must need to bring items:

Rifle, a minimum of 55 rounds of safe ammunition, eye and ear protection, and a good attitude.

Good items to have if you got them:

ECI, shooting mat, leg roll, spotting scope with stand, shooting jacket, shooting glove, M1907 or M1 web sling, stapler, En-blocs for the Garands and stripper clips for the Springfields.

The course of fire is as follows:

Course B for Garands ( and M1941 Johnsons if you are lucky and have one!!)and Springfields (this means M1903, M1903A3, M1917, .30-40 Krag, M1895 lever action, and 6mm M1895 Lee-Navy)

Stage 1: 25 rounds total. This includes 5 sighter rounds and 20 for score. 25 minute time limit. This includes your 5 sighters!! No sighters will be fired after this!! This will be from slow fire prone.

Stage 2: 10 shots rapid fire. Standing to prone. 80 second time limit. This includes the Springfields as well!! Since we have benches in the way we will get into position first and knock off 8 seconds making the time 72 seconds.

Stage 3: 10 shots rapid fire. Standing to kneeling or sitting. 70 second time limit. Again due to benches we will begin in position and make the time 64 seconds.

Stage 4: 10 shots slow fire. Standing. 10 minute time limit.

This is an as-issued shoot. You may have an aftermarket barrel, Criterion, Douglas, etc... BUT it must be made to the exact military dimensions.

No accuracy work on the rifles. This is an-as issued shoot. You can make a rifle as accurate as possible by fitting GI parts or commercial parts that are the same exact weight and dimension that work/fit better. But, glass-bedding, shimming, trigger jobs, etc... are a no-go.

You can use a shooting jacket and shooting glove on all stages. You can use, if you want, the M1907 or M1 sling on all stages except on slow fire standing.

Ammunition can be reloads if it works the action and works in the magazine. Rifles must be in 30-06 expect for the .30-40 Krag and the 6mm Lee.

The match is designed for all shots at 200 yards. However we will be using the SR-21 targets which are the reduced 200 yard target so we can shoot it at 100 yards.

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