The .22 Pistol Bowling Pin League will start November 1st, 2021

at 6:00 pm at the Indoor Range.

Contact: John Atwood (712-490-6926)

Course of fire:

All shooters will shoot at 5 bowling pins at a distance of approximately 25 feet.

The object of the match is to clear all 5 pins off the board in the quickest time possible.

The shooter can shoot the pins in any order they wish. The shooter will be timed from the buzzer until the last shot is fired. each shooter will begin the round with their handgun laying on the table, unloaded, slide back, cylinder open, magazines out.

The Range Officer will give the OK to load. The shooter will then load and make sure they are ready to fire with the barrel of the gun touching the table and their finger outside of the trigger guard.

The Range Officer will then ask the shooter if they are ready. When the shooter replies with a yes the R.O. will say "stand by", at this time the timer's start button will be pressed and after a random amount of time the buzzer will sound for the shooter to aim and fire at the bowling pins.

After completing the round, remove the magazine and lock the slide back or open the cylinder and show clear. Once the Range Officer has given the all clear signal the pins may be reset. All shooters will need to help reset the pins when not shooting. Each shooter will shoot 3 rounds per night. We will have three stations and each shooter should try to shoot from a different station each time.

Date & Cost: Every Monday night for 8 weeks.

Total for one gun is $10.00,

Two guns is $15.00,

Three guns $20.00 if competing in other classes.

Guns & Sights:

Any .22 Rim-fire Semi-Automatic or Revolver is allowed. Iron sights, scopes, red dots, or any other electronic sight is permitted. Semi-Autos are limited to 10 rounds; Revolvers will be split into 6 or 10 shot categories.


You are shooting against the time clock. We will shoot 3 rounds. The longest time will be thrown out and the remaining two averaged for that night's score. At the end of three weeks all shooters will be placed in a class based on their average. At the end of the league the lowest 8-week average in each class will be the winner. The league will be separated into a semi-auto, laser, and revolver division. We will try to have a minimum of 5 shooters per division to receive a trophy.

Make-Ups & Shoot A heads: Will be allowed. Only one make -up or shoot a head allowed per night. They will be shot after the regular league.

Sign Up Sheet: Please sign up each night on the scoring sheet. 


There will be a five second penalty if one pin knocks off another pin and a five second penalty for each pin left on the board. All pins need to be cleared off the board. 

Alibis: There are NO alibis in the bowling pin league. If you have a jam or misfire you must clear it and finish or scratch. Shooter is responsible for being ready once they respond to the R.O.'s command, for example:(Safety off, sight turned on, etc.).


1. All guns will be empty with the actions open at all times until the ok is given to load on the firing line.

2. Ear & Eye protection must be worn at all times.

3. No one is allowed down range until the Range Officer signals, "the line is safe".

4. Muzzle must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.

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