Varmint Shoot

Prairie dog targets are shot at 100,200,and 300 yards. Rifles are broken up into 3 classes sporter, varmint, and unlimited. Sporters are factory produced rifles weighing 9 pounds or less. Varmint rifles are factory produced weighing between 9 and 12 pounds. Both sporter and varmint rifles can have reworked triggers and after market barrels but may not have custom actions. Unlimited class rifles are rifles over 12 pounds or any rifle having a custom action regardless of weight.You may shoot a lower class rifle in a higher class if you wish. No wind flags are allowed.

You have a maximum of 20 minutes to fire 10 shots for score and up to 3 shots at your sighter target for each distance.
At 100 yards you shoot 2 scoring shots at 5 targets. At 200 yards you shoot 5 scoring shots at 2 targets. At 300 yards you shoot all 10 scoring shots at 1 target.

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